Nicholas Kelliher

+44 (0)7772 472 822

+44 (0)20 3411 8057

Nick benefits from a well-rounded career in the real estate industry, having had exposure to the commercial sector from the perspective of both client and adviser.  Executing transactions across investment and occupational landscapes, he has been instrumental in delivering key projects on behalf of a number of clients, from the charitable sector through to financial institutions and hedge funds.

Nick teams a background in project management with an entrepreneurial mindset and investment focus. His expertise lies in the ability to forge longstanding working relationships across every facet of the investment cycle, engineering the pathway to the successful delivery of key strategic objectives for our investors.

Having entered the industry in mid 2008, Nick went on to establish his first enterprise in early 2012, which directly supported tenants in successfully delivering their office relocation projects.

Shortly following, he elected to re-align focus and join Ash in launching Longshore Investment Management in early 2013.

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